today I love...

...the notion of washing my hair with beer.  I'm a big proponent of alternative hair treatments (have you ever read all the chemicals they put in shampoo?), and have been using a homemade vinegar-based conditioner for a year or so now.

An idea that keeps some of the world's pervasive chemicals off of me, and helps declutter the bathroom to boot (think about how many bottles of store-bought goo are in your bathroom.  I'm convinced they breed when we're not looking.)?  Sign me up!

I tried the whole 'no poo' thing (which is a really unfortunate moniker for the notion of not washing your hair and letting natural scalp oils do the job for you), which seems to have worked wonders for some people.  However, with my very fine hair I was never quite able to get past the greaseball stage, and the dandruff was unbearable.  So I'm back on the shampoo bandwagon, though I love my vinegar conditioner and am always in the market for new ideas to reduce reliance on commercial chemicals. 

Mr. Geek is a passionate brewer, so we always have beer around.  I may need to try this...

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