may financial retrospective

In may, I spent a lot of money.  I only went slightly negative, but it's still unfortunate and regrettable. 

Why the heck is the blue 'household' pie-slice so huge above?  Timing, really.  May happened to have two vacations on subsequent weekends.  We went to Las Vegas one weekend, and had a fabulous time.  We ate some of the best food ever, had amazing cocktails, and saw a great show.  Unfortunately, those things are quite pricey.  Even though my in-laws let us share their timeshare and we drove instead of flew, having a good time in Vegas is still expensive.  And I didn't even gamble, beyond putting a single $20 bill into a slot machine.  And watching it disappear, of course. 

The weekend after that was a camping trip at an SCA event.  What can I say?  Apparently we enjoy dressing up in silly clothing, getting windburned, eating a lot of dust, and sleeping on the ground.  Anyway, when I go camping I tend to cook for people, so there was some non-negligible expense there.  Oh well, it's fun.

Both trips were known about ahead of time, and I was able to plan ahead enough that the expense didn't hurt too much.  No real problems here.  Some things are worth spending more on, especially when it comes to excellent experiences. 

Other than travel expenses, we're totally on track.  I made my full (but not overfull) debt payments, still have a comfortable cushion in my account, and didn't overspend on any categories other than that for vacations.  This month just means a little belt-tightening is in order for a while.

Onward to debt freedom!

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