In the continuing financial theme that seems to have manifested this month, today I completed a milestone!

If step 0 of Operation: Debt Freedom was to curb all credit-based spending, the subsequent steps then must involve paying off the balances on each extant line of debt.  As of this morning, my highest-interest credit card finally has a zero balance.  Count step 1 completed!

Since I'm using the debt snowball method, this means that my snowball just grew a little bigger and picked up some speed.  I no longer have any payments to make on this card, so all the allocated money for debt reduction (aside from required minimum payments) can now all be piled on my next-highest-interest debt.  In my case this means my other credit card, which will unfortunately take a fair while to pay off due to quite a few travel-related expenses that have been sitting on there and building up interest.

Hooray for small triumphs!

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