things are looking up

I've been noticing recently that I tend to stare at the ground when walking.  It's a viable strategy when, say, navigating a river-rock path across boiling lava, but it seems a bit silly when walking down a nice and level office hallway.  It keeps me from seeing what's around me, messes with my posture, and I'm sure it contributes to an introverted, unapproachable demeanor.  So I have a new project: look up!

I applied this when going for my walk yesterday, in which I took the second half of lunch hour and took off along a random path.  I never really thought before about how fortunate I am that my workplace is kind of in the middle of nowhere, since it results in lots of dirt paths all over the place, mostly carved out by 4-wheelers.  Once I'd spent about 15 minutes walking and occasionally jogging, I took some time to really stretch (one of my favorite activities ever, as a dance nerd).  Being off by myself and surrounded only by plant life, I didn't have to worry about whether I looked silly or anything; scrub doesn't judge. 

Anyway, as I walked along I kept feeling my gaze pulled downward, and kept lifting it back up.  How much more pleasant it is to see the clear blue sky rather than the dirt at my feet!

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