a tale of two lamps

rickety lamp is rickety

As part of my mission to declutter, I'm spending March purging things I have sentimental but useless attachments to. 

This lamp has stood next to my bed for years. Okay, so it's really wobbly and top-heavy and I nearly knock it over all the time.  Okay, so the leaves are kind of sharp and not fun to run into with a searching hand in the dark.  Okay, so it's too tall for my bedside table and so is kind of glare-y.  Okay, so it tends to randomly blink on and off occasionally, and the lightbulb mysteriously unscrews itself.

Wait, why do I have this again?

Meanwhile, this little beauty was rescued years ago from my grandmother's farmhouse's attic.  It's a darling little porcelain lamp that my auntie had by her bedside when she was little.  Its wiring was completely shot, of course (it was the old fabric-wrapped stuff, and was very frayed and worn), but a few months ago I picked up a lamp re-wiring kit and Mr. Geek was kind enough to take it upon himself to rewire the thing.  So it's now fully functional, but has been sitting dejectedly amongst the clutter on my dresser, serving no purpose at all.  Unfortunately, it does lack for a shade.

cute little bit of history

There's an obvious solution to my problem.   Moving the shade from the rickety lamp to the porcelain one seems to work out pretty well...

And voila!  New bedside lamp that's sturdy, cute, and non glare-y.  Plus, it put the family heirloom lamp to a real use!  The tall rickety lamp goes into my box to donate to Goodwill.  Maybe it'll worm its way into someone else's heart.  

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