Today Trent over at The Simple Dollar wrote an extremely thought-provoking piece about what it means to live a rich life. To quote, 'it's about the time, not the stuff.' Living a rich life (whatever that means for you) is related to how you spend your time, not the stuff you accumulate.

I love this attitude.

Do I really need four huge boxes of fabric, when I never 'get around to' sewing? Would we be more likely to play our card and board games if there was a less daunting selection, and the closet they're in wasn't blocked by a mountain of clutter? With our five bookshelves, how is it that I often 'can't find anything to read'?

As I continue on my anti-clutter campaign, it's important for me to consider not only how useful a given item is, but whether I even want to use it, and whether it would contribute better to my quality of life by its absence (and thus the ability to see, find, and use other things more readily). Hooray for anti-consumerism!

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